Way of The Warrior

As a little boy, he dared to dream of big things
Born with the heart of a warrior and an iron grip

Love, compassion, justice and honor meant more to him than mere words
Bless his heart and his innocent soul

Years passed by and his deeds grew bolder
Bane of evil, once a little boy, now a warrior

And his screamed his name they did, on top of their lungs
The noise grew and it grew until he could hear his heart no more

Came many a foe from lands beyond the seas
Some to challenge his metal, others simply to awe at his being

As his legend grew, the Kings of the land noticed
Took up a banner he did, and rode for glory

In midst of one such battle, the warrior realized
There’s no honor in this, just senseless pride

For then on, his inspiration was lost. He let go of his devilish claymore
‘Cause when in his hand, the cycle of blood, it never stopped

For years he wandered, for a battle worth the sacrifice.
All he found was mindless bloodshed, misery and spite.

 When humanity failed him, he turned to God
Whether he received a sign from the heavens? No one knows

They say he fell in love too. This too no one knows for sure
All we know is the inhumanity never left him alone

For my hands are tainted, he screamed in agony
I killed and killed, in name of honor, when it was for glory

Atonement comes at a price too high
The great warrior dropped his shield and begged in the crowd

Compassion and empathy he found in none
Humanity disappointed him, his heart broke

It was then he decided to let it all go
The warrior and his legend simply ceased to be

Remember my last. For this is goodbye
And never forget, a true warrior never die

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