Your Sleepy Embrace

Every night I go to bed with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Every single night.

When I wake up, however, it’s all irrelevant. For a new day had dawned with its limitless possibilities. And it soars my dampened spirits a little. Gives me the littlest of nudges in the right direction.

Then I see you, next to me. Snuggling up against me. Fighting hard, as the morning sun shines on your face, and you bring up the sheets to cover your eyes against the persistent rays of sunshine. Desperately holding onto your dreams and I smile, despite of everything wrong in the struggle, that is our life. And I can’t help but feel blessed.

In that moment, I feel Atlas of old and not Atlas enslaved. The world feels so light on my strong shoulders. Everything that is beautiful in this world, like the birds chirping outside, or the hint of faintest of smiles on your luscious lips makes sense to me, and everything horrible that I know, that I’ve face, it all seems trivial.

For all that matters is you, and I, and this moment that we are sharing though you might not be even aware of it. It’s perhaps the only time I feel truly alive, and I want that feeling to last forever. I want to be intoxicated by it for the rest of my life, no matter how short it may be.

Freeing myself for your sleepy embrace is the most difficult thing, I have to do all day. And yet I do it every day. Every single day. All because, I know there is the promise of tomorrow.

Once I have done it, I know no matter what comes past my way, I can never fail. For I have already got past the most difficult thing I’ll have to do all day. So, never, ever, ever leave bed before me.

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