Why Arsene Wenger Is Your Mother

Why Arsene Wenger Is Your Mother

Yes, you read it right. While sports analysts everywhere compare Arsene Wenger with different football mangers around the globe, to compare their pedigrees. LeProff actually had more in-common with your mother than anyone else.


One of defining quality of a mother is that she is nurturing. Mothers are awesome in the way how they bring little babies into the world and turn them into grown-ass men and women.

Wenger works the same way. For years he has nurtured some of the best footballing talent on the planet.

Wenger 1

Unconditionally loving:

Mothers are famous of being huge balls of unconditional love. Even when their children are particularly nasty to them, they continue to love them. It is very rare to see a mother badmouthing her own child. Because, that is not how mothers work.

Wenger is the same. He loves his players, even the bad eggs. Even when they leave him disappointed, he refuses to hold a public trail on them.

 Wenger 2


How often as a child have you asked your mother to buy you a shiny new gadget or a piece of jewelry and she has rebuffed. Instead of flushing out money on superficial objects, your mother has concentrated the money on better stuff. Like buying a new house for the family. Or investing money towards your college. Your mother often takes a lot of hate from you at the time and people make fun of you because you have to do with less nice clothes. Yet, your mother realizes what is important and what is not. She refuses to budge off her stance and makes full effort to give to the most secure future she can with her limitations.

Arsene is the same way. Often he has taken heat for being frugal, a selling club or specialist in failure. What he has done is silently take all the criticism while helping his players take none of the blame. He has remain steadfast and ushered the club in a new era of prosperity with a modern stadium and unparalleled financial stability.

 Wenger 3

Strict about food:

How many times have you found yourself being reprimanded by you mother when eating junk food. Stuff like, ‘watch your weight, no more pizzas for you!’ Instead your mother wants you eat the green veggies and stay healthy.

Wenger is the same! Ever since coming to England Wenger has revolutionized his player’s diets and has been very vocal about dangers of unhealthy eating for footballers.

 Wenger 4

Believes in you:

Much like your mother, Arsene continues to believe in you when the whole world seems to be against you. He always places firm faith in your abilities and helps you become the best of who you are by constant love, support and unshakeable faith. Sometimes this results in an emergence of a wonderful players that shocks the world, other times not so much.

Wenger 6Wenger 5



Loves the spotlight:

Like your mother, when given a break to let his hair down, Wenger loves to bathe in the spotlight. Give him an ear to listen to him and he’ll talk and he’ll talk, and you’ll be like, “Mum, that’s enough. Stop embarrassing us!”


At the end of the day they are human:

With your mother, you’re so used to the idea of her being your mother, that it is easy to forget that at the end of the day she is human. Same as happened with Arsene Wenger. When pictures of him emerged chilling at the beaches of Brazil a lot of people were shocked.

“What is he doing? Why isn’t he singing players? Even though it’s his holiday and he’s working as a pundit to keep an eye on the talent at the world cup and the transfer window hasn’t opened!! #WengerOut”

Yes, it can be difficult to realize that Arsene at the end of the day is human and entitled to some private time.


Simply surprising at times:

Like your mum, just when you start to think that he doesn’t listen to you enough and that you hate him, he comes forward with the most amazing of gestures that warms the heart and moistens the eye. All you can say at this time is, “I’m sorry I ever doubted you, you care… you really do.”

He loves you more than you love him:

No matter how much you think you love them. Arsene and your mum will always love you more.

Despite losing his best players with the financial restrictions as a result of the new stadium. The level of abuse he has gotten from some of Arsenal’s own fans and the fact that many clubs with the stature of PSG are dying to have him. Wenger has always remained faithful to Arsenal. And for that, no one can repay him. Much like how you can never repay your mother.

“Honestly, I would love to be here forever because that would mean I would be immortal! I’m not naive enough to believe that.  What I would like to do as long as I am here is give my best for this Club because I love this Club of course.” ~ Arsene Wenger


May you stay with us forever, Arsene Wenger.

Also, I love you mum!

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