The Heart That Couldn’t Love

            I n his only act of kindness, the stranger gifted his heart to the little girl
“It could never love with me. Maybe it will for you.” 

When the boy told her he loved her. The heart felt nothing
“This is my curse, the price I paid for life. I can never love as others do.”

The boy tore open his chest and held out his beating heart in his hands for her to see
“Mayhaps this one can love for both of us.”

He died with his heart in his hand, and she felt not a thing but a tinge of pity
It was the only thing she ever felt, his parting gift

As he laid dead on the cold stone floor. She placed her lips on his
And felt a tear burn her eye, it was the most wonderful of gifts

For years he serenaded to her, when death came, his grip was more of a lover’s embrace
It was tragic, yet beautiful, she had suffered enough

As it all flashed before her eyes, she saw his face, like a moment’s blitz
She had made it, in its last moments, the heart could finally love

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