A Muffin

People ask me, why is it called a Desi Muffin? Of course it makes no sense. Especially the muffin part. This blog has precious little to do with muffins. And to be very honest, it was a joke really. One that even I didn’t fully understand. I had considered Halwa Poori for a while and that should tell you something. Yet I never went with that. Desi Muffin for me always had a more personal connection. One that I couldn’t explain or even understand. It’s something like when you say, your heart feels that way or you feel it in the pit of your stomach. For every organ in your body communicates with your mind, the seat of your soul in some primal, perhaps divine rhythm.

So what does a muffin imply? Surely nothing too deep. A muffin is a confectionary, nothing more nothing less. Yet there is something different, and each confectionary is different. For me cookies symbolize love. Pies, an everlasting bond. Brownies reveal a bitter happiness, which is for me the sweetest kind. This blog is not about all that. This is the muffin’s spotlight.

For me a muffin epitomizes humility and even more than that contentment with one’s self. A muffins is not proud or vain. It doesn’t flaunt like the beautiful cupcakes or the shortcakes. A muffin is a muffin. Plain and simple. It makes no references to other muffins, daintier muffins, and healthier bran muffins. A muffin is quite simply happy being a muffin. They are content. They don’t think about the future, the past. They merely exist in the present to bring a peculiar sort of happiness to person eating them and get consumed in the process. They’re not brought out on birthdays, or parties. Muffins are more likely to be a part of your breakfast. Humility.

The best part about a muffin is how it rises as its being baked. A simple reaction. A rising agent. Sodium bicarbonate. Quite simply. Yet it doesn’t see it that way. It takes delight in rising like that, to be baked. It’s the muffin’s moment. Even if the muffin understand the process. The muffins never demeans it by indulging in the chemistry of it. Dopamine or oxytocin, like we human do. A muffin accepts this and walks away. In contentment. And in its way the muffin brings out the most sacred kind of loving connection. To not love another person but to love with another person. And if you don’t understand the difference. You’re not a muffin.

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