The Mistress

One day I came up and told you I had to leave
You took it really well, disappointingly

A part of me wanted you to cry and wail
Stop me from going, for I so wanted to stay

For when men fall like this, the woman becomes their weakness
It was never you though, you were too proud to let your love show

And in a way you became my greatest strength
The rock on which my castle stands
I told you it will have to end some day and you said you understood
I just never realized how resolute  you were

I know little by little you will stop loving me for it’s what you are
And little by little I would want to feel you so desperately in my arms

And as I walk away I know that I’ll never feel whole
You know that too but you won’t let it show

You will fill that void inside you little by little if it exists
I will learn to live with pain, act like nothing’s amiss

Years later maybe I’ll tell my favorite grandchild of you
The woman that no man deserves but every man wants

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