She’s not you

And what if my life is nothing more than a long road to perdition? The little good things that I did, just pointless precisions.

What if someday I go on and fall in love with some that’s not you. What if they make me feel like you never could?

And what if the brightest star in the sky is already dead? And so is your heart, its humdrum futility at best.

What then of little pangs it feels every now and then?  And what if the movies and books have it all right?

And someday, someone finds you in a dingy coffee store reading a book. An Elliot, a Hardy, a Lawrence, a Poe.

What if they the first they tell you is that they’ve been looking for you? Déjà vu. Is this what soulmates do?

And it all leads down to the same thing down the road. What if she’s so much better than you?

Yet each second with her, all I can think of is you. Her perfections little marvel compared to the exquisiteness of you.

And one day she looks into my eyes and all she sees is you. Whatever shall then we do?

Mayhaps she shall realize this too. That although she is so much better than you. She just isn’t you.

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