In Uthenera

Come, come with me- to where the shadows wane.
In Uthenera, among the honored dead.

And I will pray, to see you- with my dying breath,
In the emerald dream, isle of eternal sleep.

 I will lay, wide awake among the peaceful dead,
All for the promise, to have you by my side again.

 The gift of  sweet ecstasy, slumber, I shall deny-
The struggle of being, with you, is of the sweeter kind.


Though taken from two different lores. Both The Emerald Dream and Uthernera embody the same concept. It’s when the immortal, having grown tired with the gift of immortality choose to give themselves to eternal sleep. This is their concept of paradise, since eternal life is already given to them. They relish the chance for a dreamless slumber. However, this gift of eternal sleep has to be earned. A elf must do enough in his chosen calling, serve the greater good to earn the right of this scared rest.

This  poem follows the hymn of one such elf who gave up this gift. Letting go of his immortality, and gift of immunity to human diseases and suffering to be by his mortal lover.


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