Icarus Undone

Concicted, he took flight under the firey son
Looking down upon the creatures of the earth

He dreamt,  of touching the fiery son
Pride rustling harder than his mighty wings ever could

So, on his misguided voyage towards the burning sun
Icarus, poor fool, evoked the wrath of the gods of men

In a tomb of fire he was buried, yet his being untouched
It was only his beautiful wings that ceaselessly burnt

From heavens he fell, an angel without its grace
Onto the merciful, soft flesh of earth

The curse, the torment, it had merely begun
For he fell only for a nymph to nurse him back to health

A lingering pain whilom his wings
He wailed, he lamented to no relief

Fingers entwined with the dusky lybbestre
He learnt to walk, like creatures of the earth

Parfay his heart still harbored meek desires
To fly once more with the birds

Say nay of the ugly stubs on his back
Now useless. Merely perpetual hurt

The lybbestre, she placed kisses four
On the stubs of his back

A relief most sweet it brought
For Icarus loved walking the earth after that

And he kissed, in turn, her milky duds
From whence she couldn’t see

So together with his sightless queen
He felt magic, such as his flight could never bring

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