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The Girl At The Forest’s Edge


Towards the creeping darkness at the forest’s edge,
There lives a girl, who doesn’t speaks the language of men
Disillusioned with the ideals of happiness, and of love,
She waits for better days, though she knows they won’t come

She smiles and waits for the Angels to smile in turn
For the Lord to take her, to rock her gently asleep
To sing a lullaby, soft and sweet
For the darkness at the edge forever threatens to seep

If the darkness was merely at the edge,
Perhaps the masons would build a wall to seal it away,
Or mayhaps she would light a fire every night,
And pray hope the sun came out before the embers died

All the wise folk of the village know this though,
The darkness at the edge is but a hoax
Fooling people into thinking it’s biding its time,
For the darkness has spread in your heart and your lies

What hope is there of finding love, in such a place?
For all of love is now but dead
It’s vexing screams she hears in every gust of the wind,
With creaks of the old house amplified, the demons are done biding their time

One day they’ll come out and join us too,
Though they won’t do anything men don’t already do,
Somewhere a Knight sits, growing old in his armor’s gleam
The war that was lost before it could even begin

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