The Devil’s Goodbye

With his cloven hooves, he walked the earth once more,
He came not to spread discord, but to mourn

A long winding walk along the sunken reef,
leaving scorching footprints on the sandy beach

A tear that boiled before it could ever be shed;
the devil praying to the God from whom he turned away

For a day, enmity, hatred and anger, forgotten
the heavens smiling sorrowfully, onto the devil’s goodbye

For there she lays, his love, on her funeral pyre
burning along with her most intricate desires

A heart-wrenching irony, for Old Nick
for once he has discovered that fire truly singes

For when they danced, she saw what he was,
but also what it once was, and what could have been

Through his touch, she gawked into his immortal soul,
caressing the ache of betrayal that throbbed

Her benevolence was an enigma, most odd-
Only kindness she bled for the Father of Lies

For long after the flames had engulfed her vessel,
and finally snuffed on their own

The rose wood doing scanting little to mask
the scent of her burning flesh

The Devil stands, unmoved, even as the cold raindrops pelt
and hiss as they touch his scalding skin

Lamenting, for the chalice of her mortal life has run dry,
the one immortal soul he most desired, to him, cruelly denied

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