A Dying Sun

It feels like an eternity has passed since we have sat like this
Basking in silence, no need for things to say

With no somber cloud that hangs over our heads
Even as the world mourns, for the sun is dead

No more will there be false promises of a dawn anew,
The shimmering darkness, with us, to stay

Just you and I, and a realness that can only ever be felt
We have come along so far from the shire’s edge

In the cold, aching, latched onto a damp embrace
Under a dying sun kissed sky, as the sun forever sets

Unatoned sins, our god has turned away
Forsaken our kin will roam, treading the darkness’ edge

Through pained smiles, holding on as eternal night sets
“Woe be onto you, wretched, you’ve killed the sun”

One thought on “A Dying Sun

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