Lost ships, marooned at the sea
In the distance, a faint hint of gold
Not hope enough, yet hope enough to beget more hope 

So we set with the winds, little vortices in our sail
And at times, a thousand chained slaves,
Rowing to sweet escape

 The waves we resist, brave the elements too
Night darkens further, mist settles, hits the deck
With it, our luminous orb lost

In the cold, shivers run, a strange malady strikes
A stench of death looms
The deck swaying to the impending doom

 Eyes closed, we hear a calling from the deep
Serene, melodiously tunes
Something from the cavernous depths, calls to me

 Men, ye faithless, shepherdless sheep,
Rocking on the darkness’ tresses
A demon in the deeps

 Caught in an agony terrible, we lie
Huddled and in wait
It never comes for us, but a show of presence it makes 

 With its maliciousness, it drives us insane
In the night sky, our hint of gold faints,
A forbidden fruit, our torment escalates,

 Suffer ye wretches, forsaken on the ocean folds
With palms nailed, (blood slowly drips)
To a wooden cross

 Pity unto these meeks, the poor and the lost
Caught in a vortex, a sadden drought
They die, dead slow, their youths rot


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