Pink Hibiscus

Nothing ever piques me quite the same

As the drop of sweat, trickling away

Soundlessly supple down your neck

And I follow it, as it oozes all the way

How you stand up, awkward and unsure

Shoulders a little hunched, head a little bow

As if your arms to you, do not belong

And I follow those movements as they go

Tiny freckles that adore your skin

Little concentrations of melanin

Every spot, that makes you pristine

And I notice each one, and so much more

How houris in high heaven burn with envy

Of a back so riddled with blemishes

For each dot paints a whole

And I wish to write a poem on each one and more

Your lips so delicate, so fine, so full

Pink, like hibiscuses in bloom

Flowering as your eyes they shine

And I notice that shine, every single time

All desire of men and mer would end

If they were to embrace your lips, in an eternal kiss

An ephemeral dream unlike any dreamt

Something no earthly delight can best

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