I stand on the edge of the road
So very unsure, if I want to cross

A rot that runs deep into the soul
And interweaves so fully with my core

For I stand, unsure of so much and so
And the burden weighs evermore

The kind drizzle that only adds to the gloom
Rain that drops, pelts against my bod

I stand there, dazed and lost
I wouldn’t recognize who I was

For something precious feels amiss
Yet nothing of value is lost

I count everything over and out
The feel of it still carries me off

I ride the waves of my dementia
Into a second, beautifully cursed life

Some days I can feel the fire kissing my skin
Licking the charring flesh it seethes

Faith that is all but lost
Leaving a remnant hope that does not belong

My body transforms, embodiment of strong
Yet is weighed down so very more

Each step is an agony to behold
I feel the lingering hurts when I grow cold

The numbness when it comes, I welcome it so
It clouds my thoughts, clogs the pores

The flood gates stop as lucidity ends
I call a name. Whose? I can’t recall

And life it passes me by so swift
Tugs me along like a pebble on a string

Growing old and wise, too old and too wise
The heavens weep for this sad demise

Of innocence of which none remains
Except the little that oozes innocuously

And it dies out slowly, as most thing do
The death rattle pales and it soothes

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