The Devil Inside

Curiously, as an infant, he never cried
“Possessed is the child”
‘He is my gift to the shire’

Anointed in the holy oils
A vessel for divine retribution
‘An everlasting vigil he shall keep against evil’

And all fiends tainted the Hero would slay
Yet he couldn’t fathom,
The vileness that festers in hearts of men

For his wrath, terrible beyond belief
His pride, augmented with each sweep
And his humanity, in peril so deep

Tasked with banishing the diabolical witch
The Hero took the mantle with sick thrill
For the very pleasure of the kill itself

Yet to lay eyes on her,
All thought of bloodlust, departed
For a creature so radiant be but angelic?

Laid down his sword to run off,
(with her) to lands secluded
Unchecked, the evil grew, came for them too

The battle raged like the might of a gale
The Hero cringed, battered, bruised
And it seemed, evil would pull through

Dark invocations invoked
A blood sacrifice made
A deviant ritual, through which the Hero was saved

“At what price?” He wailed, he screamed
His witch, his love, his life,
turned cold, never to be warm again

Vengeance fueled each swipe of his blade
An aura so fearsome,
evil cowed when he raged

Pushed it back to hell itself, he did
Where it is said,
he met in battle, the Devil Himself

A battle for the ages, a battle to behold
When struck down,
the Devil grew mightier anew

“Driven by vendetta, your soul is not pure
My evil dwells in your heart,
and this I know”

Finally he grasped, what was to be
An everlasting vigil against evil,
his to keep

For the Devil was vested in his very being
His evil not meant to be vanquished,
but repressed deep

His eternal sacrifice
a gamble, with stakes so high
He welcomed, soul forsaken, the Devil inside

“I am the master of my soul,
I will contain you inside.”
A boast laced not with pride

Locked in an perpetual battle
with the Devil, Himself
How the odds stack against the diminutive soul of man

In all its grandiose what Evil could never realize
All that was ever needed, was the love of a shunned witch,
to bolt the Devil inside.

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