Sitting alone, aloof, I quietly wonder, oh
Or I do so, sudden, with friends, in midst of mirth

Lost, I surrender, I wander, that too alone
Reflecting, how it is that I miss you so

And in the quiet, in my thoughts, I spy on you
Wondering in wonderment, if you miss me so

For the dreams of you, they soothe no more
My heart, beats painfully, as my jugular throbs

I try not to think of the things that might have been
Lamenting, it wasn’t as special as it now seems

For people fall in love, all the time
And they fall out of it too

Why then am I so lost, in darkness, eternal and raw
For in the dark, I feel your muted heart beating against mine

And my heart in turn, drums louder
In despondency sings songs of war

The tune the pierces the songs of silence
It screams, so shrill, in quiet defiance

For it sings of loss, of love and of war too
Of memories so surreal, perhaps only dreamt of

My forsaken soul, it draws ever so close to you
In melancholy, seeks death, perhaps more than you

My fanciful fancy, you too are false
You don’t complete me, though I prefer myself not whole

I prefer things immaterial, sweet and soft
How you eyelids flutter, how your lips feel

I miss all of it, and I miss so much more
All your things false, how they incomplete me so

So, alone, or in company loud and gaud
All I ever wonder is you, and if you miss me so


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