‘Tis for you

‘Tis a journey, oft hard, of hurt
Sojourner, my heart it stays afloat

In darkness; crushing, look, the air’s gone
It burns, the water, pierces the lungs

With hope, feeling, I find a way,
The bubbles! they go up, go away

Out in sweet air, rejoice, the light returns
Sojourner, my heart it stayed afloat

Oh, the one Lofty, Exalted, High Above
Tender, so tender, soft to the touch

Your existence brings wramth,
Of which cold hearts know not

For with magic your charm each thing you do
The sun shines brighter, only for you

And shine too your hair in shades of brown and gold
Tugging at my heartstrings, your locks take hold

Of the rose that blossoms between your breasts,
Contrasts cold steel, buried deep in your chest

Your body adorned, ink brunt into your flesh,
Proclaims unabashed, madness in love

I speak naught of the eyes, what more is to say,
They inhibit galaxies, stars and frays

You drive men mad, with each step you take
How you lift your skirt up, walking through grass blades

Wish for what more, do they, than to be vessel to your love
To be known by everything you, not a thing more

As I speak, you mock, ‘tis a fool’s poem
‘Tis is that too, but first, ’tis for you

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