My love, ascent me to places unknown

Valhalla, the table of the old gods

To break bread, and to merrymake

With the goddesses of love, lust and fate

Onto the stairway that leads away from you

Holy, blaspheme, virtuous and ruin

For faraway from you, is where I renew my fealty to you

And tell you, yet, my most intricate lie

In that web, we savour and die

Caught up in our own little thing

Fairytale of love, greed and sin

We are people forsaken, of the same kin

Fallen, we desecrate and trespass

Each lapse of faith, each transgression

So delicious to behold,

Oh, the treats we share and sow

And dance, in the Devil’s adobe

False dawns, and more beautiful lies

So irredeemable in White God’s eyes

We rapture on blood, bleed from the innocent, the lost

And we carry down the Devil’s road

In defiance, the audacity to be free

To think, to reason, to not beg and be meek

To not pray for salvation, from a spiteful god

So the curse is ours, eternal torment and all

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