Happy and Whole

Is it still that you remember me so,
Or have you forgotten, let go
Cause there are days, when all I think of is you
The mole of your lips, how I miss it so

I tell myself, I want you to be free,
Be happy, move on and not grieve
For what is dead, is dead,
It can never again be,

And the thought you smiling, without me
Warms my heart, with a sombre glee
But there are days when the thought of you
Happy and whole, irks me so

In a jealous rage, that consumes me raw
How can you happy, how can you be whole?
Is it you found another?
Is it that he loves you more?

Lies and deceit, that’s all I know
How can it be, how can it be so?
That there can be another
Who loves you more

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