Bella of the Night

By the twlight sepulchre flows a spring
Of water sweet, and color blue deep
As the sun sets, fading with it the light
And night with all its creatures comes alive

There I feel the ghost of you, everytime
Your supple bod, your fragrance, the wind rides
In shallow waters, I see a wight
Clandestine meet of lovers alit

Sweet Bella, sweet Bella, the flower of my eyes
Ask Nyx, if I may feel you one last time
Of your being, of such fragile strength
And your words, sharp, like licks of a whip

Your eyes cold, yet tender all the same
Your passion lazy, drawn out, an elaborate play
Your pity scarce, cruel and in jest
My heart meek, caught in its insidious grip

Yet Bella, you warm the cockles of this heart
Even with touch cold, crude and harsh
For Bella, your wall, of stone and brick
Can keep me away, not amiss

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