In the dead of night, unusually dreary
I wonder oft dead aloud to myself
Sojurn the voices in my head
Of men or demons, whatever they be
Crying in unison
For a solitary moment of joy
Joy, unashamed and unabashed
Joy, true and complete
So, the life toll is paid, in a most unfair trade

They scream aloud, in perfect cadence
Towards the uncaring void
Towards existence, hollow and finite
Surely there must be an escape
In that one cold embrace
And if me, I, we, never was
Never were and never roared
Just a speck in the silence of the sphere
Finite, hollow and so utterly real
May I take whatever warmth there is
In this dumpster fire of passion and sin

Sin far greater than mortal delights
Sin of elation, the true kind
To be one with nothing and all
Stare dead straight in the abyss
Begin, behold!
So whatever comes; may come
Be it devil or god
A part of me and the silence song
The rythm in tune, mourns and mourns
And the lyric, the lyric of it all wrong

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