A longing deep has settled where everything else used to be
It has taken over things all, the earth and the sea
I stand, gasping for breath, as it burrows deep into my lungs
Plunges out the air, like a stab in a wound

Hail this ocean of bitterness, an ominous name
An ominous name for an ominous fate
The craving, that is end of reason all
Dances in a world deprave, debauched

Woe onto to flesh that refuses to heal
Crumbles helplessly, takes with it all dignity
As the elated sins revel in its midst
Surely earmarked for the eternal flame

The flame, fueled by the same fickle flesh
Even as the ants feast on it
No longer does it hold my soul in place
Lost it long ago, with everything else gone astray

My Lord, Sweet Lord, of all things good
Creator in chief, Sustainer supreme
Why in my being do these wants exist
Do they not stem from your seed?

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