Little Nomad Faries

Let me tell you of little nomad fairies that dance on lakes
They speak in sweet subtleties, teasing you a bit
For in things obvious and smut, surely the lure is lost
For they are wise beyond years, know what to give and what to fear

At dead of night, they speak promises sweet
And feign in the morning, “I don’t recall telling you this”

Say nay of the things they make these mortals feel
And whisper coyly, “Love, you’re just too easy”
But the satisfied smirk is a reward in itself
And when you catch them off-guard they warn, “Do not speak of these things”

But their tiny goosebumps betray their soul
Just as they sit on you and remark, “Does your heart ever go slow?”

And they devise these tests and tease, laced with tiniest of treats
For they are afraid of love, and the things men say
Even if it warms them up, all the same

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