Dreams of Elune

You’ve tied in like an irreplaceable gash in the fabric of my space
Forever void, only partially occupied by your memories and my lament
That float around like atoms, filling the vastness of it
With their little presence
How you untie the knots in my soul
Untangle these heartstrings
Make it all feel loved and whole again
Slowly, softly, patiently and restrained

You are the warm comfort of a cold, lazy October Sunday
Coffee in bed, cozy sheets, soft fabric as the rain thumps on the windowpane
And your heat gently thaws out this heart
But ask not ever how I feel for you
Know these hugs only go as hard and deep as my love do
And my arm never tires under the weight of you
These lips know no sweeter taste than yours
And these eyes that stare right into yours

These hands, only made to feel the shape of you
And the fingertips, to softly caress you
I take all that you give
However little, however small
I take my slice out of the infinite pie of your love
I cherish it, I guard it with utmost jealously
It is the greatest of all gifts
Greater than perhaps love can ever be
The gift of comfort and quiet, unconditional acceptability

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