Fantasies of you

I was born into challenging times
Austere, testing, incongruously divine
Within that was the diminutive role
Of things supple, wholesome, and more

So, my days I spend, in utter calm
And cultivated dream, fantasies miles apart
In stories, I would share them and say
We are here, here to stay

Yet, here no one stays
Each moment the inhabitants change
In the flux, where things went on
I learned about the maladies of the world, all wrong

I was born into your time
Slightly misplaced, if such a thing could arise
Within that diminutive feeling of not being
Not here, not there, nowhere really

So, I spend my days in anticipation sweet
And cultivate fantasies, of me and you
In tales of love and awe
I, oft times hold things, so you wouldn’t know

Yet you speak quietly, you wouldn’t stay
Each moment to which my heart breaks
In the flux, I want each thing to halt
I’m sick of the truth and my own flaws

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