Anomaly of Time

If I could hold a moment in the palm of my hands
Shut it tight in a ball, and refuse it escape
I’d hold each moment that we’ve spent
And never let them lapse away

My little anomaly of time, my forever in a fist
All the while with me, in your place, in your stead
My heart, a little plaything of time
Mocked to a sickening delight

In a warm bed, on a cold rainy eve
My foot tenderly rubbing against yours, as I whisper things
My heartstrings knotted with yours
So each time you pull away, you pull at them, hard

Yet you pull, painfully apart, all the same
All that is left is a you-shaped hole in the cresses of my sheet
It’s just the feeling of you that refuses to leave
The taste of morning love, laced with a midnight dream

So, I write these verses, they all boil down to my pain
Incessantly they all sound the very same
Just a hymn on edge of my lips, a prayer of soft submit
And the moment held tightly in the ball of my fist

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