The Heroine’s Tale

Each night before bed, she dreamt of love
And when it touched, it nestled somewhere deep in her lungs
It flushed out the air, as she gasped a bit
It was true that love left you breathless

It was love that was felt in each sigh between a kiss
In tendrils soft that grew out of it
It was felt too in the tips of her toes
Like things all, it just fell a little short

For it came unannounced, and at a time ill-advised
It just snuck up, an event none could divine
So she took it slow, as things should go
Like a book, you don’t want to finish too soon

That’s the things with stories though, they have to end
In a long enough time, all heroines meet a tragic end
At the hand of fate, a master most fickle
Say what of it all, these things hardly linger

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