Who can say, how I’ve longed for you
How each moment has stuttered and stalled
And I have suffered from each passing
The flow of time has brought little relief

If anything, I’m more ensnared, more enamored
You have bewitched all that was ever mine
Laid your claim on things all
My wanton being, my unburdened heart

So my days are spent in your remembrance
Short, mournful, bittersweet
And my life is but wait and yearn
Long and long some more

The memory of your touch still haunts me
As if my atoms still recall yours
Your sweet taste and your soft touch
And everything else in between

You manifest in the strangest of places
In the humdrum of my heart
In the goosebumps on my skin
In things small and prodigious, far and in between

You roam in the crevices of my heart Among my knots of love and hate
Enjoying the subtle ironies
Of deep desires that cannot be

So I go down on my knees
In reverence or in submission
Whatever it may be deemed
And wait for things second best, whatever they may be

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