Divine Touch

Everything has lead me to you
All my life, all the things that preceded you
Just happenstances, that were inexplicably assigned
To bring me here, by your side

It is for this that I have been alive
Alive in some loose sense of the word
For I felt truly among the living
When you breathed into my mouth, soft

Say what of your touch, so rhythmically aligned
While it may not turn water into wine
Like that of the Christ
Yet it too is divine, turns me red every time

On a chilly autumn night, under the canopy of the sky
How our breaths intermingled, how your touch soothed
And you melted into mine
Forever a part my heart and my rhymes

So I am from you, and you are from me
And whatever we have, how little, how fickle
Will suffice all my hopes and my dreams
And carry me to places, where need be

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