The Hero’s Journey

Can you separate frenzy from love?
The warmth that flushes my cheeks, and my blood
If it’s stubbornness that charts my ill-fated course
Know it’s sprinkled with perseverance and gut

For I have dreamt this dream, in part and in full
My lucidity brims full, something else is afoot
You are my grand adventure, my epic, my lore
Crafted in fable and mythos of old

My hero’s journey may not be all that
Yet I feel atonement is just at hand
This tale too has a Goddess, with her gifts
One to pacify, another to redeem

These paths may have crossed by chance or design
But they have to come full circle, that’s how stories tie
In scorching summers, or winter cold
Know that this heart just grows and grows

How can there be another, in your place?
Whether she be another Goddess or maiden fair
How can another touch what you have touched?
Each atom in my body bears witness to your claim

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