I live among your heartstrings
The most delicate of all things
In this place, I call home
Where the darkness is soft

And each thing that pains this heart
It hurts me so too
I am attuned to its humdrum and its flow
I am so in love, with each thing you sow

If could cut out my heart from my chest
Hold you close, my arms at rest
So in my cavity, your heart can grow
Nourished by my blood, nuzzled up

Share all of your pain, better yet sap it away
Overwhelm each thing you feel
Replace it all with love and glee
Ribcages combined is where your heart now resides

So in that space, your heart could feel
The intensity that burns within me
The passion that may consume things all
Except you, my love, to you, it means no harm

And I wonder I do, each day
If anything I say will ever help in any way
Were it to lessen even a little bit of ache
I would happily suffer an eternity for it

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