Demon woman, an art print by Efrain Sosa - INPRNT

What lies buried in this shallow grave
Knocks on the willow, relentless and unabate
Buried incomplete, in haste deep
Demand rites and honor, like the hero she is

Let the chain crack, emerge from the shallow deep
The shadow that hovers in a malevolent gleam
Speak ill, but speak veraciously
For in turmoil lies tranquility, lies ecstasy

Come out, let your nature be
Callous but tender, crude but keen
And come alone and come as you are
A demon exorcised, Seraphim fallen and blaspheme

I am with you, trapped in these recesses deep
You leave your subtle signature in all I seek
Come out and show your face ancient enemy
So we may settle this, and you claim this wretched being

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