I am your  contradictions made flesh
Come taste my turmoil, come taste my bliss
I rise above your society, I see your ruse
I am greater than all your love put together
I am greater than all your scorn
I am devastation brought on your lands
I am the curse that ravages these sands
I am the air that gently caresses your nape
I am more loving, I am more terrible than all your reigns

I am beyond your tradition and your lore
I walk over the corpses of your gods
I rebel to your world orders, I rebel to your pleas
I have seen your monstrosity, I have tasted your fear
I have seen the shallowness that runs deep into your soul
I am your judgment, I am reckoning too
I am vengeance, I am vengeance, I am vengeful too
I am the last son, I am the final straw
I am the fruit of the seed you squashed

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