Prometheus’ Curse

My love, look at how I decay
Like a wrinkled log breathing its last-
As the embers fade away

My heart, look at how I break
In silence, so absolute
Tearing away

I am in the pit of your darkness
Clawing away
All I recall, is the sound of your name

And I savor it
I love how it feels when it rolls away-
Of my tongue, so sweet, even parched and frayed

Not being tasted by you, I waste away
These ants work in your stead-
But it’s not the same

I feel the distance, in a tangible way
My heart, it slowly eats-
Like a vulture, pecking away

Never runs out of flesh to tear away
For each a new heart grows in its place
Indistinguishable from the last, yearning away

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