Words that stay

I have been asked, to consider stop writing
What use are words brought onto this plane?
They couldn’t melt your heart one bit
What use is getting ripped open every day?

Should I go on, move on, to where? Someplace unknown
Forget all the happened, go numb, and sow?
Sow a new life, in a new town, in new ways
Forget the words, they’re all loyal to you anyway

Look at all the destruction left in your wake
You took this soul, this heart, and everything else with it
How many parting blows must I take?
You took my will to live, must you take my gift away?

I may not be all that what you or yours wanted
I can deal with not being enough
The man is dead
Must you kill the poet too?

If the heart is here to sink, in perpetuity, let in sink
If there is no peace, what is need of it is there any way
You may be the muse, but this goes far beyond you
For the words don’t honor you, but my love for you

So, the words must stay
Clawing, biting, and stinging, the words stay
For, you may have killed the man
You will not kill the poet too

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