Each day of love

You first messaged on Sol’s Day
Something inconspicuous, sweet, and short
Did you fathom then, what was in store for us?
Such love, such pain, for all my days

I met you first on Wodin’s day, and All-Father did smile on us
I held your hand and kissed you soft
How peacefully you slept in my arms
It was too soon to say it aloud, so instead, I said it in my heart

I finally said it on Saturn’s day
I tried to hold, but could no more
You cried and said, you can never say it back
I said I will wait, for as long as it takes

I saw you last on Thor’s day
When I held you, you pushed back, are we here for this?
I am here to tell you not to go, I am here to beg you to stay
Even Thor’s strength couldn’t move your resolve, what chance did a few tears have

I can’t recall what day you left, Freya’s or maybe Tyr’s instead
You left so many times, I kept calling you back
It was Mani’s day that you finally said, I have been gone, haven’t you noticed yet?
And I truly did notice then. You weren’t just gone, you were never here

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