All things simple

Do you not see the sadness, about to spill?
The chalice tips, kisses the brim
Do you not see how I hold it in
Through clenched jaws and clenched fists?

It is my heart that is deceived,
Harbors the deceiver within
What is love, my love, if you’re not here with me
What is love, my love, say you have it with me?

It was naivety, it was softness,
That this heart believed
In love, all things simple
In love, all things easy

And though innocence needs to be tempered
The unsullied have to bloodied
It is the fate of romantics to be reined in
Say, love, did it have to be so utter, so complete?

Your poison seeps, souses each dream
An agony so sweet, they don’t make medicine for it
I am separate, in spirit and in flesh
It’s only that they both crave you still

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