Icarus and the Sun

What quietness rumbles the night?
What silence lays heavy on the moonlit sill?
What absence haunts these sheets?
What void has settled deep within things all?

Look how everything is gone
Can you ascertain if it were here at all?
Look at all the love lost
Was there any or did I imagine it all?

Her, the harbinger of death, her, claimer of soul
Azreal and Thanatos, I christen you hope
In your divine ecstasy, I plead, lift me to heaven or drag me to the abyss
Just don’t leave me here stranded, among the dirt and the reed

I am no messenger, I bear no news from God
And I am no agent, to enact his burden or fall
All I have learned, I learned from you
And all I learned, was how to love you

How do I untangle my being from your thought
Without you, there is nothing of me left at all
And if you miss me, with the same fervor and thought
Remember I was here, and it wasn’t enough at all

Had you stayed, rising with me each morning like the sun
Know that I would have loved like Icarus, letting my wings burn
For who loves the sun, if not ready to get scorched
For the certainty of dawn, heals things all

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