This burden may not be mine to carry
Where do I set it? What place do I shed?
Look how I have plunged, look at all that was taken
Betrayed myself, all for naught

There is no help on the way
No hope of reconciliation, just a stink of decay
In testing times, I rise still
These shoulders are yet to buckle or crack

Say Atlas, I see you
Come, share the burden of the heavens too
So, when these shoulders eventually do buckle
I say, it under the weight of heavens itself

Or should I say it was love that broke this camel’s back?
Do you not feel Ouranos’ yearn to be with Gaia once more?
Say Ouranos, I see you
Cut up with a Scythe, my love too still endures

Come crucify me evermore
Temper my inadequacy with pain
So finally, this ache of yours is replaced
Reborn again, free of your plague

Strike me down in anger
And like Lazarus, I rise again
But struck I was in pity and unlove
So, I become pittance and hate

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