Faiz and Elia

I savor the air that flows through these corrupted lungs
Maybe it brushed your lips, touched your blood
Why else would it leave this heart in knots?
What else it could be, but the air laced in your poisonous musk

Slowly you seep in evermore, soused in indignity that is your love
So I am left, not quite there, something barely a man
Something forgotten, something vengeful, something a little sad
Mayhap I am more than that, a warm murmur, a familiar remembrance  

I am three a.m. sad poetry, read in the arms of a stranger in my bed
I am an uninhibited kiss that demands nothing, only a kiss back
I am all you lost, I am all you had
So dance on my grave, you dug, the macabre sway of poise and lust

What was to come, has come to past
So don’t care for what transpired, not that I would accuse you of that
All you think about is self-preservation, and all I think about is you
In each day that I live, in each thing that I do

How is it that all the poems are about you? And all the songs, and all the movies too?
Did you tell Faiz about what you were going to do? Did you confide in Elia too?
How else would they know everything you put me through?
How else would they write everything I wanted to

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