I carry you with me wherever I go
Some days I am weary, my bones crackle and shake
Some days are easy, with you only a large stone in my chest
My love, do you not feel my heart congeal so you can have more space?

Why do you prick and probe my insides, do you wish to escape?
Is my ribcage not warm and safe?
Or you do run out of sustenance in the dark?
My love, sip my blood, if you’re parched, dine on my heart

If the river inside me threatens to flood, call out my name
Even to your memory, I respond
If I cannot save you, I will drown with you
Ever since you left, drowning I am used to

Many other skills, equally useless, I have picked
Dying each second and resurrecting in the same breath
And each day, my love, I grow a little cold
If you will not call my name, how will the flame inside go on?

The wood for it to feed on, I run out of
Soon I will take its place, and burn for as long as I can
So my ribcage can be a little less dark, a little less cold
Anything to make your memory stay, without you I can hardly go on

I sustain through it, as it sustains through my heart
Bite on it, love, tear the flesh off
Don’t be shy, I promise it is safe and sweet
I will call it love, you can call it a feast

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