A little longer

My love, linger around a little longer
A lot is lost in abrupt departures
A one last, longing gaze
A hug that lasts a fraction of a second longer
So much love is lost when you refuse to loiter

There are shades of you in each thing I have felt
I remember, the quiet wondering in your eyes if it’s real:
Would we still be here when the sun reappears?
Or forgotten in the darkness’ caress
If you are to go, make the going last a little longer

Do you not feel me hold on as you push away?
Do you not feel my heart break?
Should I write you another poem, will it suffice?
Or tell you another myth or story obscure
Tell me, darling, whatever will make you stay a bit long

There, by the door, hesitate
The moment your step out the magic breaks
I want to remember you, as is, leaving, by the doorframe
You being unsure is the best I’ll ever have
Do not say, goodbye, take your time, something better to say will arrive

Hold it on the tip of your tongue, let the words marinate
I will remember the heaviness of the steps you take
I will write it all in a poem, forgo the ugly parts
I’ll write about you, at your most loving, and fair
Slight reluctance in leaving, all you could ever give

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