Blood and Roses

Come, mingle inside my blood
Run through my veins with a bit of your love
So when I bleed, it’s not about the hurt
Just the earth prospering with a bit of you in the mud

So, all the flowers that bloom are blood red and peony pink
Blossoming in spring with dew-kissed lips
I want to souse in the field nourished by my blood
My blood that draws its fecundity from your love

Come, lay down with me in spirit at least
We can watch the constellations, you need not say a thing
I will not ask where you’ve been
Yet listen, if you choose to tell me all of it

What curse, what tradition keeps you away my love?
Look at the night sky, it shines so bright unperturbed
Come, let’s traverse through the  blood-soaked roses
This paradise of longing, of sweet melancholy

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