My Poem of Love

Ask me now, would you, how I have been
With an earnestness that bruises my ribs
Crack me open in your arms, I am but a shell of myself
I am bundled up unease, I am longing made flesh

Call me by my name, as only you can
We will see if my heart can still pretend
And masquerade among the living  again
See, it has been awfully quiet ever since you left

How long has it been since you left?
Days, weeks, months? About time, I’m so unsure
Its passage has blurred somewhere along the road
All I’m sure about is this hesitancy, this fear

If you’re not here, how is any of this real?
By what measure do call this reality, and claim it real?
When my heart still feels the simmer of your stare
How can a gaze of love, so quickly disappear?

So tell me a tale when we meet again, I can find solace in stories too
Tell me how you regretted each day that you were gone
The more untrue, the more I am seduced
Run me through all of it, entice me with the lies

I will drink the sweet lies off your lips
Slowly and dutifully, not let an inch drip
And to you, I’ll name my the greatest poem of love
Sprinkled with lies, we had each other and that was enough

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