I wonder if will it ever be like it was before
A little part that you took off
Say, love, it’s August again, my love, it’s August again
In my mirror, a stranger, an impostor of sorts
Each thing just feels different, feels wrong

Who stands next to you, in my stead
Does he look at you the way I did?
Does he call your name, as I did,
With a longing that brusies the ribs
Do you feel safe in his arms too, do they too feel like home?

In my lows, there is a quiet acceptance of sorts
My highs marred, a bittersweet feeling of old
In the fog, a clarity that breeds
Tipsy, hungover, sober, this heart seethes
Never missing a beat, bar what coincidences your name

And if I wrote to you, would you read again
Look outside, love, it’s August come again
The torrent surges, and fall knocks on this door
Smoke or water, it all burns my lungs
Whosoever cares what flavor the pain wrougths

Every moonlit night, I’m reminded of you
If the passion wanes, like a crescendo it rises again
On nights like these, it reaches a fever pitch
My love, mine love, it’s August again
I swear by your god, of Israel and the harem, in this heart it’s still August of old

You claim, mayhaps, things changed a bit
You ask, ye wretched thing, are ye even capable of love
Or did you lose it, somewhere, along the way
Along your dreams, passion, desire and all
In this shell, that we call home, in this shell where hell abides

Climb down the levels, seven or twelve they may be
And see for yourself, if you find anyone else therein
What is hell, my love, my fire’s unwaned
And what is agony if not ecstasy of sorts?
Therin of hell, thereof your love

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