Ponder, the false dawns that have come
The night lingers, cold, malevolent, draws breath
There is evil spoken, in hushed tones
This darkness, my darkness, harkens, I’m in love

This despair, come too soon
This melancholy settled in too deep
The night, a cold mistress, in your stead
Winter plunged in my bones, pierced into my lungs

Sweet mistress, sit down with me at least
Snarl not, I’ll show you the sweetest flesh to eat
Talk first, there is much to be said
Each as mundane as last, unsavory, fret

Friends, enemies, lovers, latched  in a battle of restrain
As our eyes lock, your gaze marinates my flesh
Words collied with longing, yearning deep
Isn’t that how poetry comes to be

We feast before the night is done
I looked forward to being licked, gnawed, and shred
Beholden to oath, I must speak too
Speak at night, before the sun comes, and the magic goes

Say, I am the son of the first men, that loved the night
Who spoke in riddles and soft rhymes
I befriended the anguish as it first drew breath
Kissed by temptation, tainted by love

So kiss me sweet darkness, are you and I so apart?
Do we not imbibe the same sorrows at heart
Does not the same poetry thread through you and me
Is my flesh not supple, not sweet?

Come home, love, dawn is afoot
Come home, love, before the door bolts shut


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