Muted, the rhythm flows
Through parted arms, and shut doors
As I trace you down, each tress and fold
Softly commit you to memory and hold

With each step, I wilfully hesitate
Let you know there can be more than pain
And each memento on your skin that I artfully carve
Baptized in fire, seared in love

I am an emissary come before his time
Each touch is a soft message enshrined
I am the hunger that burns
Through parted lips, and held nerves

By your clavicle, I wait
The tightness in your chest, I anticipate
There are rules to this game
What I bring on, I relieve

Things blur, in a flurry of thoughts
Your name? Diana? Elune? I can’t recall
What use are names, in the language of shudders and moans
I am the rightful heir come home

What stays your lip but my name
Everything else I strip away
In my hand, you’re molding clay
Wrists pinned down, arms swayed

And each legend goes the same
A bruise on the neck, a creak on the door
Legs spread apart, hooves on the floor
The devil at last, cometh home


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