Like soft verses from a poem
You flow inside of me
In my words, and my thoughts
My language and my imagery

You are all that and more
Everything, and a still more
You rein in this saddled heart
You make it feel loved, bit by bit

What is sadness, but a little construct
And what is darkness, but absence of you
You radiate each thing you come close to
And fill it with tiny hope, be it long forlorn

So when you find the night is at it darkest
And the road seems to go on and on
Take heart, put faith in your little courage
Stroke the flames of passion, and watch it grow

And when your fingertips touch mine
Feel your breath inside my blood
Watch it nourishes my heart and my soul
And warm the flesh and the bone

We are creatures cut from the same cloth
And though our battles may diverge
Our souls connect through the same threads
So you are from me, forever, and I from you

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