Original Thought

There is a sweet relief to seeing you happy and whole
One less soft soul butchered at the altar of love
For what it is, and what little it’s worth
I would give anything to see you not go through the agony of holding on

Nothing kills quite like longing you see
Could anyone tell you better what it feels
To hold onto fire as the air in your lungs freezes
To drown in an icy death, the bottom of this heart, the pit of my love

Are you still here, somehow latched on
I hear you in the silence song
Not to be unfair or compare, but Heer held on for twelve years
You couldn’t last twelve weeks, let alone eons

My tongue is swallowed whole, you see
Yet somehow I continue talking on and on
I have nothing of note to say or speak
Bar the idiosyncrasies I utter with poise and ease

I live to relive each day in great detail
I remember the clothes you wore, and your scent and sway
I remember the little wink as you drove away
Why must I remember each thing in such vivid detail

I do hope I’m the last of my kind
See I have been made to believe, there is something wrong with the way I am
You could have said, no, and I would believe you too
But you’re not here anymore, so that stays evermore

I have nothing new to say or write
No original thoughts come to me anymore
I live to relive what many have before me
At least Rick had purpose, a god to beat

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